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Tiger - Low Poly, Hand Painted

I've created this tiger for a mobile game called, Celtic Heroes. The style of the game is semi-stylized. And the shading relies heavily on the diffuse (color) texture. Players not only can fight this creature but have it on their side.

For the favor of optimization, we decided to use the same rig and animation as our wolf character. So I had to keep the proportions around the existing rig. This added an extra challenge to the project. I must admit I enjoyed it and very happy with the outcome.

1. Collected the brief and appropriate references
2. Sculpted the high-poly model in Zbrush
3. Reto for low-poly created in Maya
4. Base textures baked in Xnromal
5. Composited the textures in Photoshop
6. Added color and detail to the texture in 3DCoat
7. Prepared the model and texture for the Game
8. Tested in Unity 3D

Thank you for checking out this project.

Tiger - Low Poly, Hand Painted

Viktor saghy tiger 05

Tiger creature with armor

Viktor saghy tiger 04

Tiger viewport view

Viktor saghy tiger 02

Tiger - Zbrush model

Tiger - High-poly turntable